Why The Change Order Group is the Anti-Katerra

To anyone shocked at the pitiable state of construction startup Katerra —evidenced by Softbank’s recent $200M re-up investment to avoid bankruptcy —I would like submit this piece to voice an alternative narrative. Like their Softbank Vision Fund contemporary WeWork, the signs that Katerra was doomed were obvious from the start. I will highlight some of those signs… Continue reading Why The Change Order Group is the Anti-Katerra

The Podcast Episode that Made The Change Order Group Possible

I can't speak for him, but my love for Thomas Kosbau was near-instantaneous. I met him through our mutual friend Joe—a respected NYC development pro—at the New Lab's anniversary party in the fall of 2018. Within moments, I realized I met someone who got it. "Getting it" to me means someone who recognizes the interconnection… Continue reading The Podcast Episode that Made The Change Order Group Possible

Introducing The Change Order Group

Today’s real-estate markets are evolving rapidly—driven by seismic economic, public-health, cultural, and environmental shifts. The Change Order Group is a developer taking real-estate to its next evolutionary phase. With a focus on master-planned multifamily, multi-unit, mixed-use projects, we apply big-data and bleeding-edge technology into every facet of our projects' planning, design, and developmental processes. Think… Continue reading Introducing The Change Order Group